New Website Now Live

Date: March 27, 2018

Furthering our commitment to ensuring that our customers are able to experience the greatest and most rewarding modular building buying/hiring processes, we are incredibly excited to have launched our brand new and improved website – enabling for all to find what they are looking for quickly and navigate much easier than before.

The new website, as you have already probably noticed, boasts a fresh and clean design. It is simple and easy to use. All of our available products are displayed clearly, and all information that could be needed is easy to locate – Meaning that a visit to is never again going to be a wasted visit.

Not only this but with a ‘Contact us’ form on the homepage, if anyone for any reason cannot find what they are looking for or has any questions we are even easier to contact before. We are certain that this alongside the addition of an SSL Certificate is going to provide our customers with the greatest peace of mind when sharing any personal details with us during enquiring.

Incredibly proud of our new website we are going to strive to update it as much as possible, not only updating our product categories on a regular basis, but also aiming to share more news with our clients regarding our products and services. So, be sure to visit our website once in a while to see what’s changed… Bigger and better things are on the way!

Of course, if you have any feedback regarding our new website, or any ideas to further improve it, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We always love to hear what our customers think, whether it be good or bad, so that we can work to improve things and cater for them impeccably. After all, our customers are what matters.

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