Heating Up Your Modular Buildings This Winter

Date: October 29, 2018

If you are the owner of a modular/portable building, you are probably now starting to consider how you are going heat it up this winter, looking for a suitable heating solution to get you through the cold months!  Luckily, for you, there are many heating solutions appropriate for portable buildings, and therefore there is bound to be at least one solution that meets all of your individual needs and requirements. Today we are here to list just a few of the heating solutions that you could opt for, enabling you to make the greatest and most informed decision! Here goes…

Electric radiators – Electric radiators are available in a wide selection of varieties, with the most common being water-filled and wall mounted and oil-filled and free standing. These radiators do not require installing and are typically portable meaning that they can conveniently be moved from room to room. One of the great benefits of electric radiators is that the best ones comes with timers and thermostats allowing owners to be in complete control.

Electric fan heaters – Fan heaters are affordable and do not require installation. You simply have to plug them in, and then they provide instant heat. Running costs can be high when it comes to electrics fan heaters therefore are often more suitable as short-term heating solutions.  These heaters circulate heat and can therefore heat up complete areas quickly.

Halogen heaters –Portable halogen heaters are powered by electricity but use halogen elements instead of traditional electrical coils to provide heat. These heaters sometimes cost more than other instant heating solutions however boast incredibly low running costs and are cheap to run.

Log burning stoves – Log burning stoves can provide a stylish heating solution to all portable buildings, however do come with large installation costs and therefore are only really suitable for portable buildings that are used a lot. Log burners can make portable buildings seem elegant and luxury, really transforming them more than any other heating solutions possibly could.

Underfloor flooring – Underfloor heating is the perfect flooring choice for modular buildings that do not have a lot of floor space.  Underfloor heating again can be costly to install but brings a luxury element to portable buildings of all kinds.

Here to Help

These are only some of the ways that you heat modular buildings too. If you have any questions in regards to heating your portable building this winter, or are perhaps looking to buy or rent a new portable building, do not hesitate to contact our team today who are always more than happy to help!



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