All hires are subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire, a copy of which are below:


Waiting Charges

If a driver has to wait on site to off load or collect a unit, a waiting charge of £75 plus VAT per hour will be charged after the first 30 minutes.

Cancellation Charges

Any cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to delivery or collection will incur the full delivery or collection charges.

Non-Delivery or Collection of Units

If we are unable to deliver or collect a unit because of site access or other issues, the full delivery and collection

charge will be incurred. The owner has the right to charge and enforce the insurance value of the cabin to recover costs due.

Site Access

Please ensure your site is fully prepared for delivery on a HIAB (craned) or articulated delivery lorry. If you are

concerned about site access or ground conditions please contact us well in advance of delivery or collection so

that we can discuss the options with you. Unless we have agreed otherwise, you are responsible for the provision, connection and disconnection of mains services and drainage.

Off Hire and Collection

Please give us at least 7 days notice if you would like to off-hire the units. We aim to collect within 7 working days of off-hire and will notify you if this is not possible. You remain responsible for the safekeeping of the units until we have collected them.

Minimum Hire Period

All hires are made for a minimum initial period of 3 months.

Damage Charges

The unit will be checked for damages once it is off hired and we will charge you for any damages incurred during

the hire.

Before Collection

Before collection, be sure to remove all of your personal property, dispose of any rubbish and make the unit available in a clean condition, suitable for immediate use by another customer. Failure to do so will result in an additional cleaning charge. Containers should be left unlocked with the padlock and keys placed inside the container.

Airing your Container

Containers left locked for prolonged periods can sometimes be subject to condensation. You can minimize

condensation by ensuring that all goods stored are dry, and by regularly opening container doors. Ask us for details of our Absorbapole product, which can help to reduce problems caused by condensation.

Problems with your Unit

We aim to ensure that all our products reach you in good condition. However, if you have any problems during the life of the hire, please contact us immediately so we can promptly remedy and correct any fault

Lost Keys

Will be charged at £25 each if not returned with units at completion of hire contract.


The hirer shall pay the cost of delivery and collection unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Change of location

The hirer shall not move the cabin from the site to which it was delivered or consigned unless prior consent to be contained by the owner, such content to be confirmed in writing.


The hirer shall take out insurance policies to cover the owner for fire,theft,water damage and willful damage, or any other loss that the owner may be involved in, both during the hire period or after the hire period, such as loss of rental during the period of settlement of an insurance claim etc.


The hirer shall not sub-let or lend the cabin or any part there of to any third party without first receiving the written permission of the owner.

Owner plates

The owner may affix his plate or mark on the cabin indicating that it his property and that the hirer shall not remove, deface or cover up.

Protection of owners right

The hirer shall not re-hire, sell, mortgage ,pledge, part with possession or otherwise deal with the cabins, except as clause 11 (sub-letting) and shall protect the same against distress, execution or seizure and shall indemnify the owner against all losses, damage, costs, charges and expenses that may be occasioned by any failure to observe and perform this condition, except in the event of government requisition.


If the hirer shall make default in punctual payment of all sums due to the owner for the hire of cabins, or fails to observe the terms and conditions of this contract, this agreement shall forthwith be terminated.


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